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Designed for all your Operational Field Services and Incident Management needs and configured for the war against crime, complacency, risk, Covid-19, or anything that poses a business challenge, ensuring business resilience.

A high priority for our clients is compliance within the confines of best practice adapted frameworks. We do this in the following manner:

  • Risk assessments
  • Enterprise incident and adverse event management
  • Comprehensive risk mitigation
  • Escalation management
  • Managed workflow
  • Information recording and documentation
  • Location rules and movement management
  • Secure check-in / check-out
  • Push notifications and alarms
  • Active monitoring
  • Tracing and investigations
  • Case management
  • SLA management
  • Maintenance management
  • Work orders, job cards and tickets
  • Managing all assets and usage
  • Cleaning, security, OHS, and operations management
  • Reducing the load on administration and error
  • And being able to adapt quickly
Capture Incidents, adverse events, status levels, cleaning exceptions, OHS incidents, maintenance issues, & HR related events
Remedy Deal with exceptions and cases, governed by SOP’s and bring issues back in line with acceptable levels expediently
Visitor management Critical recording of people movement
Clock In / Out proof of presence with GPS lockin Provides knowledge of where everyone is and when they were there
Complete extensive audits and assessments 100% compliance through extensive inspection and audit protocols plus ensuring workforce is doing what is required
Standard Operating Procedure enforcement Ensures rigorous standards and procedures are always met
Manage organizational tasks Stringent processing of instructions, guidelines and communications
HR Hygienic electronic payslip delivery, leave request and pay queries management
Go Offline for remote or underground areas And data flows as soon as you reconnect
Capture videos and photos A picture says a 1000 words
Capture voice notes Easier than typing
Force note taking as part of process As part of standard operating procedures
Attach Documents Build cases with document management
Tracking via GPS with geo-fencing Know where things happen when things happen
GPS routing for response teams Tools to help responders
Save and come back later Can’t always finish things as they happen
Scan QR, bar codes, ID & vehicle registrations Quick and easy methods to capture data
Receive and complete job cards Management of key assets and maintenance teams
Electronic signatures Getting the required approvals on the job
Manage assets Check in / out, maintain, monitor, and a whole lot more
Communication Multiple levels of communication management built in
SOS panic alarm button Need help fast?
Manage your profile Set-up your work areas
View your reports Know what’s going on

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