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Governments make the laws, it’s our job to implement them & help companies enforce them!

  • Logging, processing & reporting incidents
  • Identifying, verifying & controlling risks
  • Enforcing, regulating & governing processes
  • Keeping EVERYONE informed & safe

We comply to Best Practice Frameworks for day-to-day business functioning and industries at most risk.

We provide organizational resilience!  And compliance means keeping your doors open.  We provide a single source of truth.


Bullet Proofing Your Business

Adverse Event Resilience Management.

What does this mean?  Resilience management goes beyond risk management to address the complexities of integrated systems and the uncertainty of future threats or failures, especially those associated with building for the future, health, security, maintenance and climate change. It’s the ability to minimize the negative impacts of major incidents and adverse events on organizations and societies. Adapting to further threats of the same type.

Black Swan Events.

As black swan events, like Covid 19, continue to severely impact economies and organisations, we have solutions to remain resilient!  We specialize in assisting organisations manage risk and to continue functioning without disruption.  Our clients effectively weather adverse circumstances small and large, local and international, short and long-term.

Business Eco-system Management.

You know your business, we adopt that knowledge and process it for you!  Highly flexible, cost-effective, principle-based solutions built to manage day-to-day business operations, incidents and adverse events. We help organizations adapt to specific operational circumstances and economic ‘shocks’. It involves monitoring operations and supporting management to lift organisational resilience above these events.

Robust Best Practice Field Services App

Launched in November 2016.

We have a client with over 9000 Mobile App users, completing hundreds of thousands of business processes. Lifting their organisational resilience above day-to-day and extreme adverse events, and dramatically mitigating their risk.

Best framework for response

We handle the integrated complexity of an organizations central ecology by managing procedures simply and efficiently.

We manage local or distributed requirements within health & safety, security, risk, maintenance, facilities management, asset management, quality control, legal & HR.

We have integrated into numerous systems and sub-systems including SAP, SAGE X3, Syspro, Prof1t, Milestone, and many more.

Veridian Mobile App

Peace of mind

We ensure deviations from organisational SOP’s are rapidly remediated by providing proactive, quick response, easy-to-use tools.

The results show as with one prominent international client who manages over 6,700 case entries, 140,000 checklists & works orders, and 2,000 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) monthly.

Veridian Mobile App

At your service

Our integrated Governance, Incident, Risk mitigation and Compliance (GRC) capabilities incorporate these three central functions into every department’s processes to integrate disparate organisational silos and reduce costly duplication of processes and risk.

The result is a company-wide cooperation strategy that achieves compliance with internal guidelines and processes in each of the three key functions.

We explore
and innovate.

We provide frameworks for varying ecosystems to successfully operate and survive in good times, and times of epidemic and high risk. We deal with mission critical functions involving Incident Management, Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Multiple applications
Mobile solutions
Field services
Best practice


The Chase Solution involves state of the art integrated management software. This combined with ERP and sub-systems deep integration, completes the system requirement at any stage of automation.  Chase consolidates all data into ONE SYSTEM including:
  • Incident occurrences on and off site
  • Knowledge of events and ongoings, exceptions to processes and deviations from accepted norms
  • Ensuring that standard operating procedures are being followed accurately
  • The movement and work of Staff
  • The uploading of images of jobs done and information at all work sites
  • The ensuring of vehicles being looked after and serviced on time
  • Locations are geofenced and everyone will work in the right areas
  • Time is accounted for
  • Notes are recorded on all the ongoings in the organisation
  • Ensuring that the checks and audits staff are responsible for are being completed and are up to company standards
  • Knowing who had what asset and where your assets are
  • End-to-end fire arm allocation and management
  • Contractors are held accountable for the work they have done
  • All SLA’s to be held to account
  • Certificated and warranties are managed
  • … And more


Instead of separate WhatsApp’s, SMS’s, e-mails, paper forms, OB entries, cell phone calls, face-to-face verbal communication, radio communication, and so on, ….

  • Chase replaces these and provides views into all departments throughout the organization
  • Chase makes sure that staff are held accountable, bottle necks will be uncovered, thefts will be easy to spot, trends will be determined and people will be utilized more effectively and efficiently
  • Chase allows for various forms of data to be captured from the field
  • Excellent management reports at the click of a mouse – of both live and historic data


  • Time saving – faster turn arounds on orders given
  • Measured processes – knowing everything is being completed to company standard
  • Better utilization of staff – knowing exactly who is excelling and who is not
  • Excellent reporting – being able to see and know all that is occurring throughout the company
  • People management – ensuring that staff are productive and doing what they need to do and when they need to do it
  • Case management – when an incident occurs it is easily and quickly processed
  • Mobile based electronic field services management

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